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All our products are made in our exclusive material Pietraluce.

Pietraluce is shiny, water-proof and with anti-scale features. Pietraluce is resistant to acids, solvents and to all the liquid products used for cleaning; it has anti-bacterial properties, it is non-flammable and self-extinguishing.

Scratches or stains can be removed with a normal polishing paste; small repairs of chipping or cuts can be done using our maintenance kit.

Pietraluce can be cut and drilled with normal tools in steel.

Pietraluce exists in various versions and colours, even on Customer’s sample, and in shine or mat finishing.


Aluminium trihydrate (more than 65%), titanium

dioxide and polyester resin ISO-NPG

Density: 1,8 g/cm3 approx.

Thermal shock: unchanged after 25 cycles 20÷80°C


Pietraluce can be made in shine and mat finishing, even on colour sample or RAL codes.

The most part of our items can be produced in bi-colour version.

Customized finishing

Pietraluce can be drilled and cut by means of normal steel tools. It can be worked as a hard wood.


Scratches or stains of cigarette can be removed by a normal polishing paste and, in the mat effect, by an abrasive paste or by scotch brite. Small repairs of chipping or deep cuts can be done by using our maintenance kit.



del 07.11.2017



of 06.07.1982

Prof. Dante Pagani


of 18.12.1980

Prof. Dante Pagani

Inflammability resistance

Pietraluce is self-extinguishing, the flame is extinguished before the first reference mark.

Fire classification of construction products:

UNI EN 13501-1: 2009: B – s2, d2

Abrasion resistance

Above 2.000 cycles

High temperature resistance

The container, containing molten wax at 180°C, causes slight colour variations on the surface.

Staining resistance

After 14 hrs. following spots are easily removed: black shoe polish, blue washable ink, lipstick, tomato sauce, coffee. Black hair dye and 1% iodine alcoholic solution are removed after 20 minutes

Chemical resistance

After a lapse of 14 hrs. the following chemicals do not leave any visible sign: ethyl alcohol, 10% citric acid, 6,6% urea, 3% hydrogen peroxide, hypochlorite and acetone

Resistance to washing

20.000 cycles with a nylon brush and a 5% commercial solution of a liquid cleansing agent leave slight traces

Resistance to accelerated ageing

After 200 hrs. exposure to a 300W UV lamp there are no surface alterations.

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